Caprock Canyon State Park YRE

It was a Saturday morning and it was Carol's turn to drive.  We normally just take turn driving, but since this was so far I split the gas cost with her.  Just past Witchita Falls I realized I'd forgotten to pack my walking shoes.  We stopped in what appeared to be a fairly large town, Childress, TX.  They had one shoe store and they only had three pair of walking shoes in my size.  I bought a pair of Avia.  It is never a good idea to wear new shoes on a long walk.  At the end of this weekend of walking I would have multiple blisters!!

The drive took us six hours, including a stop to eat lunch.  We went to our Bed and Breakfast first to sign in, and then drove out to Caprock Canyon for the 11K walk.


This was a very nice walk.  We crossed this same creek 14-15 times.  Most of the time it was okay, but sometimes we got our feet wet.  I was wearing shorts, Carol was wearing jeans.  She was hot, but I was getting ate up by the sand flies.  After the walk, there was only one restaurant in town to eat at.  We spent a comfortable night and got up at 6 am the next morning to do the other event on the rails-to trails.

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Rails-to-Trails YRE

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