Davis Mountains Volksmarch

October, 1996

Carol drove us to Fort Davis. We took off after work on Thursday. We went as far as Junction, Texas, where we spent the night. We arrived at Ft. Davis at 11:30 on Friday. The Volksmarch started at 1:30. There was a very long registration line. The walk was around the restored Fort then up the mountain. Thought I'd die climbing up, but the view from the top was worth it.

Saturday's walk was at a Boy Scout camp. We did the 10K. It was an out and back.  We crossed the creek 7 times each way. We saw a tarantula at the restroom before  we started the walk. Very rough tarrain. If you like climbing over rock (and I do)
you'd have loved this walk.

Sunday we did the Prude Ranch walk. It was on rough ranch roads. Lots of loose rock and a steep grade up to a ridge.

Listed below are links to pictures Carol and I took on our first West Texas adventure. These were just thrown in a desk drawer and I came across them.   I decided to scan them in and make a webpage to show the fun that can be had with the
West Texas Trail Walkers Club

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 2. Pictures
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