Rails-To-Trails YRE

We had registered the day before at the Caprock Canyon State Park. We didn't want to wait until they opened to get started on our walk. We started walking a little after 6am. It was foggy and cool. This walk is an out and back on the old railroad track bed. It was soon hot, and there is no shade. We got to the turn around spot at about 10:45. We had carried in a picnic lunch. We rested until 11:30 then headed back This was a 26K event (the longest I've ever walked). We finished at about 2:45 Because of the new shoes I was wearing, my feet had lots of blisters.
This railroad tunnel was the neatest thing about this volksmarch. The tunnel was dark and damp and it was inhabited by bats. There was just enough light that we could see them hanging from the ceiling.

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Caprock Canyon State Park

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